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Work History

FNC, Inc.
01.07.2013 – Present
Software Developer

Serving as a software developer.  Tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • C# programming
  • Perl programming
  • Debugging  and testing

Hatboy Studios, Inc.
09.30.2008 – 03.01.2013
CTO/Project Lead

Serving as Chief Technology Officer for Hatboy Studios, Inc. and project lead for the AIR : Steampunk MMO.

  • Responsible for top level management of technical and creative development teams for AIR : Steampunk MMO
  • Effective management of a distributed team that spans the United States and includes team members from overseas.
  • Virtual workplace implementation utilizing online facilities and services such as IRC, Subversion, Mercurial, Trac, Hudson, and VOIP
  • Unity Game Engine Scripting in C# and Javascript.
  • Game Design Pipeline automation.
  • OAuth2, Facebook Graph API, and Google APIs.
  • Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine development.
03.01.2007 – 03.01.2013
Software Developer

Heavily involved in the development of an open-source C++ game engine framework, including (but not limited to) experience with

Miltec Corporation
03.27.2006 – 01.04.2013
Software Engineering Analyst

Provided software implementation and support for on-going activities with customers, including (but not limited to) experience wtih

  • User Interface development using OpenGL, Ogre3D, and libRocket.
  • OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers development.
  • NASA Worldwind WMS integration.
  • GIS visualization and USGS Imagery import.
  • LabVIEW Programming
  • C/C++ Programming using Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010
  • Java and JNI development
  • Google Web Toolkit and Google Earth Javascript API integration
  • Signal Processing and Control Theory/Control Systems using MATLAB
  • Real-Time and Embedded Systems Development
  • Finite Element Modeling and Analysis using MATLAB
  • Data Acquisition System Development
  • Software Configuration Management and Process Control using Trac, Hudson, and Subversion
  • Embedded Hardware Design
  • Database Infrastructure Design and Implementation
  • GPU Shader Programming using Cg, HLSL, and GLSL
  • Windows Kernel Driver Development
  • Modeling and Mechanical Design using Solidworks
  • Image processing software development using OpenCV

Radical Systems
01.03.2004 – 03.10.2006
Electrical Engineer

Provided software implementation and on-going support for manufacturing industry and government customers, including (but not limited to) experience with

  • LabVIEW Programming and Instruction
  • Linux Kernel Driver Development
  • PCB Layout and Population using Eagle PCB
  • VHDL Firmware Development using Xilinx ISE
  • Database Design and Implementation

Mississippi State University
05.15.2002 – 12.23.2003
Graduate Assistant

Provided software development and support for university efforts, including (but not limited to) experience with

Explosive Power International
01.15.2001 – 09.15.2003

Provided hardware and software development and on-going support for a biometric analysis system intended for golf swing analysis. This effort included experience with

  • LabVIEW Programming
  • C/C++ Programming using GCC
  • Image Acquisition and Analysis
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis


Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Mississippi State University
August 2004

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Mississippi State University
August 2002


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