“Matt is a very knowledgeable software developer. He is very easy to work with. He is always willing to take time to provide help where needed, and he is very patient and friendly when providing help. Great to work with.” January 23, 2012

Jeremy BaswellSoftware Engineer, Paragon Research Corporation
worked directly with Matthew at Miltec Research & Technology

“Matt is one of those with a true passion and talent for his career. This shows through in his work as project lead for the AIR Steampunk development team. He works incredibly hard, taking on far more than his far share of the load to help accomplish the goal. On the other side of the coin, he’s provided fantastic insight and direction, always ensuring that the team members are on the right track for the success of the project. His enthusiasm and drive for the project provide the driving motivation for the entire team. I strongly recommend Matt.” May 10, 2010

Chris Ash , Senior Software Architect, Web Developer, Ajax and Cloud computing technologist , Mobular Technologies
worked indirectly for Matthew at Hatboy Studios, Inc.

“Matt Gray has a passion for software engineering. It is both his career and his hobby. Matt works hard, meets his obligations, and takes additional steps to ensure the success of his projects. Matt can work well with hardware engineers and managers as well as computer programmers and other software engineers. Matt’s experience and enthusiasm provide innovative and creative software engineering.” January 12, 2010

Greg Surbeck , Project Manager , Miltec
managed Matthew indirectly at Miltec Research & Technology

“Matt is an incredible software and hardware engineer. He’s bright, learns quickly, and has impeccable work ethics. I played the role of his mentor on an open source project that has spanned several years, but I think he taught me as much as I taught him. I admire his dedication and passion for creating elegant, quality, thoughtful solutions to the most difficult and complicated problems, yet still tackling the simplest of tasks with the same amount of passion and dedication. I highly recommend Matt.” March 28, 2009

Tony Richards , Founder, CTO , IndieZen, LLC
managed Matthew indirectly at Miltec Research & Technology

“Matt is on of the most highly motivated persons with whom I have worked closely. In addition, he is a very talented software developer. More importantly, his ability to apply principles of applied mathematics to industrial problems is superior. I make this statement having had over 15 years experience in the development of real-time and non-real-time computational algorithms and software. I would always recommend him highly.” February 17, 2009

Garth Frazier , Senior Research Scientist , National Center for Physical Acoustics
worked directly with Matthew at Miltec Research & Technology

“I regard Matt as a knowledgeable, hard working individual that excels at his job. I have found, and hear from others, that his ability to be flexible is invaluable and his overall performance is outstanding. I recommend Matt.” December 9, 2008

Corey Hernandez , Director of Applied Research , Miltec
managed Matthew indirectly at Miltec Research & Technology

“Matthew is an excellent software developer and a wealth of knowledge on a variety of engineering & mathematical topics, who is always willing to share this knowledge to assist coworkers. He is both diligent and conscientious.” April 2, 2008

Jeff Umstead , Engineer , Miltec Systems
managed Matthew at Radical Systems, Inc.


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